When a Professional Installs Your TV


When a Professional Installs Your TVThere are plenty of how-to’s and videos online to help you hang your new HDTV or 4K TV in your home. And chances are if you are pretty handy and comfortable drilling holes into your wall, it could easily be done. But wall mounting a TV is not like hanging a picture frame. For one, you’re dealing with a very heavy, and expensive, piece of equipment. Secondly, if you don’t measure accurately, you could end up with a wall that resembles swiss cheese. And no one wants that. Leave the headaches and head-scratching to Terracom’s professional technicians to efficiently and perfectly hang your new TV in the optimal spot.

Terracom’s expert and experienced technicians know exactly what to do when mounting your TV. They know how to install your TV on a wall where the wall studs are not in the optimal spot. They know how long of a cable you need, what kind and how to tuck them away neatly. They know what kind of mount is best for your TV. And they can install it straight. Sure you can Google or YouTube any of these issues and fix it yourself. But save yourself the headache of running back and forth to your hardware store to find the right length cable or the extra equipment you need. Have a professional do the hard work for you and save yourself the heartache of having to re-mount your TV because it ended up being crooked.

While a professional can give you confidence that your TV is being installed correctly, there’s another value to having Terracom do your TV installation. Terracom’s technicians can work with you or your interior designer to figure out the best placement for your TV. They take into consideration the layout of the room and any lighting from windows that could impact viewing so that everyone has a good viewing spot.

Mounting a TV yourself may seam like the least expensive option, but if you are not confident in your abilities or knowledge, it could cost you in the long run. Leave the installations to the professionals who can suggest various options confidently and help you make the best decision when creating a home entertainment space. Terracom can save you the stress and headache and allow you to enjoy your Denver home theater immediately.