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Home Lighting DenverToday’s home lighting does more than Thomas Edison could ever have imagined. It gives you protection, peace of mind, and energy savings. It is the spine of any home automation and the backbone of home security. The controls we install for you get more out of your lighting, while saving you money. You get beauty and brains.

Home lighting automation makes more sense today than ever before
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You control energy saving and home protection instantly using a single button on a Keypad. We design and install automated lighting control systems that meet your need and budget, in new construction or as a retro-fit. Security and eco-friendly living is one button press away.

Smart Lighting that Works for You

The value of smart lighting for your home or office cannot be overstated. Smart lights bring energy savings, better security, and convenience.

Get energy savings by automatically scheduling lighting

It’s all about managing energy consumption and automation makes management easy. You don’t have to change your habits. Automation assesses your habits and changes lighting accordingly. We can program a system that registers your actual use of lighting, memorizes the pattern, and turns lights off as needed. “Off” is very important to saving energy costs. Half of all power used for home lighting in the United States is wasted. HALF! A major culprit is leaving on lights when no one needs them.
Motion sensors will automatically light a room when someone comes in. Lighting can be programmed to come on at set times. Your outdoor lighting can come on or off depending on actual available natural light – not based on guessing when the sun rises or sets.

Get home lighting that protects your family and home

  1. You can make it look like someone is at home even when you are away by scheduling lights to come on.
  2. You can utilize motion sensors to flash lights simultaneously with sounding an intruder alarm. When your system includes video security automation, you’ll get a silent alarm and have enough light for video cameras to record the intrusion—which is a big help to police as they catch thieves.
  3. You can pre-set outdoor lighting that chases potential burglars away. Automation turns on landscape and security lighting each night, by assessing actual light, not according to a clock.
  4. You can access and control it from home, over the phone, or from a remote computer, if a neighbor were to reach you with suspicions.
  5. Automated home lighting can also be programmed to illuminate escape routes in the event of an emergency in the house.

Combine all of the essential functions with automation of home entertainment. A home theater, entertainment center, music and computers can be integrated into whole-house automation that includes property protection and energy saving techniques.

The other major waste of home lighting power is through inefficient bulbs. Let us take you into the age of LED and CFL. A conventional incandescent bulb uses less than 10% of the power it eats to create light. The rest goes out as heat. LED requires only 25% of the power old light bulbs do. You can use them in existing sockets or we can install new fixtures that also contribute to energy efficiency.

Go dimmable and go even greener

Home lighting automation goes further than just on and off. Even more energy is conserved by controlling “how much”. When we program your interior and exterior lights to dim appropriately, the energy impact is greater. For instance, dimmed hallway lighting is much kinder in the middle of the night than facing 100 watts in a wink.

Get automatic home lighting and home automation expertly installed
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