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We design and install home automation systems tailored to your needs. Terracom’s home automation installers bring years of experience and professionalism to every project they work on.

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Smart home automation brings efficiency and simplicity home.

Smart home automation puts technology to work for you, rather than you trying to work it all and getting frustrated. You can streamline and simplify everything from controlling the temperature, to turning lighting on and off, to running the audio and video components. All of this from a touch panel, a PC, or a keypad. Even remotely when you are away from home with a telephone!

Get total control of home technology at your fingertips.

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We can install home automation in new construction or existing homes.

While your home is being built, we can install components inside walls. However, in existing homes it’s no problem because we use wireless systems that don’t require any intrusive work. We automate your whole house from single events to routines. As an example, when a sensor detects a car in your driveway, your system turns on lights. If your sprinklers run at a certain time of day, they can be programmed to go off when there is a vehicle pulling into your drive. Getting home early? Use a smart phone or wireless laptop to remotely control the air or heat.
You control multiple functions from handheld or in-wall controllers. Hitting one button will issue several commands to a variety of different electronic products. Here’s one example: you may have a button marked “away” on your keypad. With one press, you can turn on your security system, turn on select lights (and make sure the rest are off), and set the thermostat to a temperature that saves energy. When you get home, “home” reverses it all, and can start additional functions, such as music.

Getting started with a professionally installed home automation system.

Here are just a few things you might consider automating in your home.

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Programming absolute comfort

Advanced systems can be programmed to sense a person entering a room and adjust the light, and the temperature and the volume of music. This can also be pre-set for certain times of day and specific days of the week. Dinner lighting in the dining room can be pre-set. Lights out for the kids can be programmed. Home automation differs in how intelligent it is, how simple to operate, how it is controlled, and how much it costs.

You also control your environmental impact

Smart home automation goes green: Your ability to control heating or cooling in multiple rooms of the house, and pre-set the temperatures, eliminates wasted energy in rooms that are not used at certain times of the day or days of the week.

Controlling lighting has a great deal more impact than many people know. Consider this fact from an energy conservation study at a major university: 20% of all electricity produced in the United States is used for lighting. Yet 50% is wasted by people needlessly leaving on lights, or by inefficient lighting.

Save money, time and frustration with Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation can give one-touch control of audio and video, replacing an armful of remotes and a lot of frustration just as you are trying to relax with music or TV. Your control of home entertainment goes outdoors, too. You can change radio stations or digital music pressing a button while remaining with your guests, watching children or even soaking in a hot tub.

Home automation is an idea whose time has come. Let us come and wire your house.

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We install smart home automation in Denver, Boulder, Castle Rock, Brighton, Highlands Ranch, Cherry Creek, Ft Collins, Parker and Louisville and the entire front range.