Watching College Football is Better at Home


You may or may not be feeling the cooler weather of fall quite yet, but nothing indicates the upcoming weather change more than college football. If you’re not able to make the games in person or you prefer to host your own football viewings, there’s no better way to cheer on your favorite team than in your home theater. With a large screen, surround sound speakers and comfy seating, your custom built home theater experience can transport you straight into the game.

Big Screen Plays

Whether you watch your favorite team on a large HDTV or through a projector system, you’ll get to see details of the plays and players better from your Denver home theater than you would at the game — unless you have great seats. And Terracom’s professional TV installers can mount your TV and make recommendations on location for the best entertainment experience. Not to mention, their experience will leave fewer holes in your wall and they can offer wireless options.

Sounding Off

Not only will you be able to have a better view of the game, but your home theater allows you to hear the game better too. Hear the plays the quarterback calls or the stats that the TV commenters share through a sound system. Not sure which sound system is right for your custom home theater? Terracom can recommend and install the best surround sound system that adds to the experience of watching your favorite team pummel the other. Yes, you could simply connect the wires of your sound system yourself, but Terracom’s expert techs take in consideration the layout of the room so that the audio compliments and enhances what you’re watching on screen. And just like those unsightly TV cables, Terracom’s techs will neatly tuck away all those wires as well.

Your custom home theater system can bring your college team straight into the comfort of your own home. It allows you to hear clearly whether the referees make the correct call and then watch the replays to make sure they were right. It also gives you the feeling of being in the game with an up-close view of each play and hearing the crunching of helmets and bodies when tackles are made. Even though the heat of summer is still lingering, enjoy college football in the coolness of your home theater, and let your team sweat it out on the field and into the end zone.