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Terracom is a trusted Gold Certified Control4 Installer.

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A Control4 System installation is the best choice in home automation and smart home integration. Terracom Systems is a trusted Gold Certified Control4 Installerwith over 15 years of industry experience in Denver, Colorado.

The Control4 system is home automation that is making sophisticated technology practical and affordable. A home theater, music in several rooms, indoor or outdoor lighting, heating and cooling, and security systems – are all controlled by a single remote or touchpad. You get time and energy savings.

Mobile Integration with Smart Homes

As the people at Control4 system say, everything works better when it works together.

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The automation is the conductor, your electronics and home systems are the orchestra. Together they make something beautiful: integrated control.

  • Start your home theater and turn down the lights simultaneously
  • Turn off all the TVs when your teens are supposed to be doing homework
  • Dim bedroom lighting when it’s the kids’ bedtime and then turn it off
  • Get an alert that you left the garage door open on your way out, and then close it from any computer away from your home.
  • Cut energy bills by managing lights, drapes and thermostats
  • Make certain doors are locked, lights are on and security systems are armed.
  • Activate security cameras

Multi-media management is one of the most popular functions of the Control4 System. It offers one-touch home theater: seamlessly integrating control of audio, video and home-theater components, doing away with the need for multiple remotes. It allows you to surf music libraries and control the audio in any room of the house. You can access digital music collections – like XM or Sirius, Rhapsody or your personal iPod library – all over your home.

A Control4 system installation is not limited to new construction

You can add integrated control to a home of any age. It is cost efficient and allows you to add home automation without tearing out walls or re-wiring. The system uses wireless technology for cost-effective installation. A retrofit project can be completed efficiently.

Your Control4 system installation is scalable.

You can start with one room and then we can add more home-control functions as you go along. The system uses timers, motion sensors and dimmers that reduce energy costs while enhancing home security. Advanced Temperature Control conserves energy with pre-programmed temperature controls. Window shades and drapes can be integrated to allow winter sun in and keep summer heat out.
An alarm system, video security cameras and door locks can be programmed so that you monitor home security remotely when you are away from home. Controlling window shades and drapes help secure your home.

As with most green technology, you save energy AND money.

Using the Control4 system to manage lighting and temperature reduces your energy consumption. Lights can come on when you need them and go off when you don’t. They can be programmed to turn on and off at the seasonal time of day and year that reduces energy waste. Motion sensors let the system know when to turn lights off in unoccupied rooms. Thermostats can be programmed to the most efficient temperatures room by room.

How much can you help the environment with a Control4 system installation?

Dimmers, timers and occupancy sensors – used in a typical 3-bedroom home – eliminate over 850 pounds of CO2 emissions each year. That is the same environmental impact as parking a car for a month. Your control extends right down to the amount of wattage used by light bulbs. On top of energy and utility cost savings, the life of the bulbs is extended.

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