Audio Video Distribution

Audio Video Distribution DenverYou spend a lot of time throughout your home, so why should your entertainment options be limited to just one area? A whole-house audio video distribution system from Terracom lets you distribute audio and video to any room you choose and enjoy all your favorite programming wherever and whenever you want.

Distributing audio and video is becoming more popular. Flat-panel LCD TV sets have become the standard and have created a problem. Where do you put the cable boxes and all of the equipment? How about a closet or the basement, with everything hooked up in one central location.

A Few Benefits of Audio Video Distribution

  • You can distribute any audio or video source throughout your home. You can start watching that movie you recorded in the den and finish it up in the bedroom.
  • The kids can enjoy a movie in the theater room, while you send your favorite television show or music throughout the rest of the house.
  • Conveniently located keypads and remotes provide an intuitive user interface to all audio and video sources.
  • Media servers can store all of your digital content allowing for your music, movies and picture collections to be played back anywhere in the house.

You’re now just a button-push away from distributing your favorite music, movies and pictures throughout your house. Terracom understands not everyone is building a new house; we have extensive retro-fit abilities. Call Terracom today for your free in-home consultation.

Does the Power and Convenience of Audio Video Distribution Appeal to You?

Control4 Installation DenverIf you’re interested in our audio video distribution services, check out our Control4 Installation page. More often than not Terracom uses Control4 as the brain for audio video distribution installations. The beauty of using Control4 is that it’s scalable. Over time you can add more and more functionality to the Control4 system such as lighting, security, and much more.

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