Custom Home Theater & Home Automation Installation in Denver

Terracom Systems is Colorado’s first choice for custom audio / video design and installation.

We are the leader in home theater installation and home automation in Denver and throughout the front range.

In addition to audio video services, we design and install security systems, central vacuum, custom lighting, DirectTV, electrical wiring, Control4 integrations and more.

Our team of certified electricians ensure the electrical wiring is done safely and correctly. Upon completion, we do a final walk-through with the owner to verify the work meets all of the agreed-upon specifications.

TV Wall Mount

TV wall-mounting is NOT like hanging a picture. Cables and wiring demand electronics know-how to install and hide.

Security Systems

Interested in home security? We can install and monitor cameras, motion detectors, smart locks and other options.

Custom Home Lighting

Lighting is a great way to save on energy costs, set the right mood for the right space, and support security in your home.

Central Vacuum

Eliminate the need for lugging heavy hoses and canisters around the house. Simply plug a lightweight hose into a port and go.

Mobile Integration

Control the smart devices in your home using your smartphone from anywhere with an internet connection.

Electrical Services

Terracom Systems is a trusted Denver electrical contractor providing residential and commercial electrical services.

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The premier home automation brand in one-touch multimedia, energy and security management.
We are experienced and certified Control4 dealers.

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Home Theater Made Custom

For the perfect custom home theater system, it is essential to utilize professional design and installation. Our team of experts is specially selected for excellence in media experience creation, from interior design, seating and custom cabinetry, to components, screens, surround sound and automation. Fabric walls are another tool in our box of audio excellence techniques.

TVs, Direct TV Satellite & Home Surround Sound

You need our trained eyes AND ears for these projects. Getting the most out of slim, sexy LCD TVs requires professional placement and mounting. Adding Direct TV satellite must be integrated into your media configuration, and cabled and wired perfectly. Home surround sound calls out for skilled, knowledgeable audio installers. Setting up 5, 6, or 7 interacting speakers may seem like a fun afternoon, but having barely stereo days later will send you to the phone for professional surround sound setup.

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Custom Home Automation To Make Life Easy & Secure

Touching one button or keypad will issue several commands to a variety of different electronic products. Lighting, appliances, media and home security are perfectly integrated. The result is not just ease of operation. It is:

  • Energy savings and total security.
  • Going green with controlled lighting (which we also design and install) can cut lighting costs in half.
  • Home security as part of your lighting design gives you peace of mind, and control even when you are away from home.
  • A video security system can stream live video to a computer at work and send a silent alarm. You’ll see intruders and alert the police in time to catch them in the act.

Colorado Home Theater Installation

We install home theater systems all across the front range.