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Elevate your entertainment experience with a DIRECTV installation.

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DirectTV satellite takes the advantages of satellite television, and makes the experience even better. From movie-quality audio to the most digital and HD channels, it is no wonder consumers have given the highest rating for the past decade. When you come to us to install an alternative to cable’s old technology, we always recommend you “go Direct”.
DirectTV satellite completes your home theater or entertainment room

You get easy, quick installation
Putting in sophisticated high tech entertainment and home electronics is what we do. And we do it well. While you can count on our skills, the fact is:

DirectTV satellite installation is no more of a hassle than when the cable man comes
Go with the deal. Go with the digital superiority. Don’t go with the untruths cable wants you to believe. If you have existing cables, it is a snap. If not, it takes the same amount of time any other video deliverer will need to wire your place.

There are five efficient steps to professional installation of DirectTV satellite

Our highly trained installer will secure a satellite dish on your roof, balcony or outside wall
He will drill through a wall or run cable through your basement to connect to your phone line
Next, we connect the digital receiver to your TV, DVD or VCR.
If you have more than one receiver to serve your TVs, those are installed
We program your remote and don’t leave until you know how to activate and operate your DirectTV satellite

The answer is yes:

Yes, you can use just one dish for the whole house; for up to 6 receivers in six different rooms.
Yes, you get your local channels
Yes, it comes with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Yes, the HD picture quality is as good as Blu-ray™ and the DVR is exceptional
Yes, we can install it in rural areas, in the foothills of the Rockies, or in an urban apartment or condo

The answer is no:

No, you don’t “lose” the DirectTV satellite as the earth rotates. It is simple physics: TV satellites orbit at the same pace the earth rotates (This is called geosynchronous orbit).
No, you don’t have to chop down trees! Our installer will simply choose an unobstructed southern view. Can you see to the South from your balcony, yard, or roof? Save a tree!
No, the dish isn’t huge. It is 18 inches tall and 20 inches wide. It is as unobtrusive as a low planter, and smaller than patio furniture end tables.
No, you don’t have to wait forever for your dish to come in. We can generally schedule your DirectTV satellite installation within 24-72 hours of when you place your order.
No, you don’t have to drag the dish with you when you move. Leave it and we’ll install a new one at your new place. You bring along your receiver and remote.

The answer is: the most and the best

The most full-time HD channels of any other satellite or cable TV system
The most sports, with NFL games live on TV or on your computer or mobile phone
The best software to allow you to set your DVR from anywhere with any mobile phone or computer
Once you switch to DirectTV satellite you’ll never go back to cable
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We install DirectTV satellite in Denver, Boulder, Castle Rock, Brighton, Highlands Ranch, Cherry Creek, Ft Collins, Parker and Louisville and the entire front range.

You get informed product specifications

You will find invaluable advice as you assess the home technologies available for custom home theaters. Theater sound equipment, positioning and calibration will be explained. The fine points of film screen selection and positioning, video projector quality and calibration, source components, automation and programming and wiring all combine for superior performance. We can provide Direct TV and countless other video and audio sources and providers.

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