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Fabric Wall InstallationsFabric wall installations can make the difference between the success and failure of your home theater, media room, or surround sound system. Every room has acoustical problems, and every space has unwanted noise, which can be handled with sound absorbing material. Your room may also be too “live” – too much sound reflecting off of walls and messing up the sound. Fifty-thousand dollars worth of home theatre equipment cannot overcome poor acoustics. Yet the solution is totally affordable.

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Everything in a room affects acoustics
Drapes, carpet, walls and ceilings bounce sound around like a basketball. Glass, hardwood and coffee tables rebound the sound and send it to the other end of the court. There’s no shot clock; sound continues to be passed around from acoustic element to acoustic element.

It’s simple: absorb the unwanted noise
Adding fabric walls strategically stops bouncing sound. In a home theater, that can mean front and side walls. With surround sound, you can hide the speakers and wiring as well as enhance the audio experience.

Call us before, during or after your equipment goes in

Before: this is the best time to plan the acoustics of a room, and it also allows us to advise you on which video/audio systems and specifications to choose before you ever leave the house to scope out the components. This is not about an empty room making it easier to put up fabric walls. This is about assessing the space and planning the soundscape.

We are home electronics installers, and so we know what equipment works best where; how speakers will perform in various kinds of rooms; and we know the acoustical warning signs. Simply tacking up fabric doesn’t get it done. Professional acoustic planning should be a part of any investment in high-end sound and video entertainment.

During: Because we install so many top-of-the-line home theaters, LCD TVs and surround sound, we often make installation of fabric walls part of the process; so even if you bought your stuff, it’s the time to call us in. We’ll get the acoustics right, as well as the installation. Your stuff or ours, professional installation gets top performance from the top dollars you spent. Amateur placement of fabric walls can be a waste of the cost of material.

After: Call in our sound doctors. This is not unusual when people put in their system themselves. It isn’t right, but they don’t know why. They expected much better audio. They still hear the hum of appliances in another room. The solution is not always an entire wall of sound absorption material. Fabric behind or beside speakers sources can get it done.

How are fabric walls installed?

This is not a pre-fab deal. Using a special adhesive, the material is custom-stretched over existing walls, resulting in a smooth, attractive surface. The finish looks good! There are dozens of colors and different textures that will go well with your furniture. One of the cool things is that some homeowners make soundproofing material the foundation for their whole interior decorating scheme.

Some facts you probably want to know

  • The fabric is most often polyester
  • Fibers also work, such as cotton, silk and wool
  • Some weaves may take a liner fabric
  • They are made to clean easily
  • The materials come with top fire-resistance ratings
  • They resist mold and mildew (important in basement entertainment rooms)

Silence never sounded so good than with fabric walls
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