TV Installation & Wall-Mounting

TV Installation & Wall-MountingProfessional LCD TV installation is always recommended. Wall-mounting is NOT like hanging a picture. Cables, cords and wiring demand electronics know-how to hook up and to hide. Where to put the screen in a room, and how big a set to buy will determine if you get the coolest piece of electronic equipment you may ever have or the biggest let down an entertainment investment ever delivers. Whether you are shopping, or have already purchased yours, we are the installers to call first.

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We can integrate your new screen with home automation, with surround sound systems, and hook up provider sources such as DirecTV and internet experiences.

TV Installation Is Complex

The decision on where to put your screen has nothing to do with where the sofa is now, or where there is available wall space. Before we ever run a cable or drill a hole for wall mounts, we have to determine how far you should sit from the screen. Optimum viewing distance is very important to getting the most out of your set, and it is the part of amateur LCD TV installation that is frequently overlooked.

The right distance depends on the size of your TV. For 20 to 27-inch displays, 2.5 to 5 feet away is a good distance. 50-inches? 12 to 16 feet away. But what about in between? You can’t guess at how much room to put between you and the screen, if you want to video to look great.

If ever there were an argument for professional LCD TV installation, it is the fact that location is not guesswork. Approaching the job with an installer’s trained eye encompasses location, ability to run and hide cable, and natural light sources in the room. We can determine options for placing the screen that you might never think of.

An LCD is heavy. We hear horror stories of do-it-yourselfers who dropped and damaged their new screen. They bought the wrong kind of mount. The screen can be the same price as a basic central air conditioner. With that kind of investment, why would you risk installing it yourself?

LCD HDTV looks futuristic. Calibrating one correctly is a bit of space age engineering, and far too confusing for most people. We are electronics professionals. Ask yourself what you know about:

  • Contrast ratio
  • Color gamut
  • LED backlighting

Here’s the list of the settings we will make when calibrating your screen during LCD TV installation:

Energy Saving; Picture Mode; Backlight; Contrast; Brightness; Sharpness; V Sharpness; Color Tint (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan and Magenta);True Motion; LED Local Dimming; Dynamic Contrast; Noise Reduction; Digital Noise Reduction; Black Level; Color Gamut; Edge Enhancement; Color Temp; GAMMA 2.2; 10 Point IRE; Pattern; And IRE red, green, blue. Bring it!

You are investing in a very high tech viewing instrument. You want professional LCD TV installation to get the experience it is engineered to give you.

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