What is home automation?

smart home

Home automation is now a more and more common staple in homes these days. Whether it be an older home retrofitted with updated technology or a newer home that comes installed with the latest equipment, it would be hard to find a home without any smart technology.

You need smart technology to have home automation

Smart technology is the equipment and technology in your house that can be controlled digitally. Often, homeowners who are new to smart tech and home automation will start with one piece of equipment. That equipment is often a smart doorbell or a smart thermostat. Connected to your phone, you can adjust the settings when you’re away from your home. But smart tech can even go as far as working and talking together to make your home a synchronized experience for specific situations. And that is the start of home automation.

Home automation to make your life easier

Home automation can be as complex or simple as you like. You can have settings for different scenarios in your home. And you can use as many of your smart technology as needed. The central piece to home automation is the hub. It’s the equipment that talks to all other equipment and can manage all the settings you save.

You can use the hub to set up a home automation setting for when you leave for work: the lights turn off, the AC turns down to conserve energy, and the doors lock. If you have some more of the fun kitchen equipment, you may even have the coffee pot turn off when you leave as well. While home automation is convenient for everyday, you can also use it for parties or special occasions. Sync up some music with mood lighting and you’re all set up to entertain your guests.

The wonderful thing about home automation is that if you forget to turn off the lights at night or when you leave for work, home automation has you covered. It allows you to run and monitor your house from afar, never having to stress if you left the lights on.