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A central vacuum makes cleaning unbelievably easy and adds value to your home. Get top notch design and installation by the professionals at Terracom Systems. Whether new construction or retrofitting, you can rely on us for expert, seamless service.

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Installing a central vacuum is a minimally invasive process that allows you to clean every corner of your home with ultimate convenience and excellent results:

Removes 100 percent of vacuumed dust, dirt and allergens
Much quieter than a conventional canister or upright model
Longer hose makes it easier to maneuver
Easier to store – just hang the hose on a wall hook
No hauling heavy equipment up and down stairs and from room to room
Powerful yet quiet, this built-in appliance offers five times the cleaning power of a canister model, and lasts up to four times as long with proper maintenance. It is simply the most convenient way to clean your entire home.

A central system has enormous health benefits, too. It completely removes dust with no recirculation, making it perfect for people who suffer from allergies. In fact, the American Lung Association recommends a central system in homes in which more than 70 percent of flooring is carpeted.

A central vacuum system eliminates the need for lugging heavy hoses and canisters around the house. You simply plug a lightweight hose into a port and the switch is automatically activated. Dirt, dust and debris are effortlessly sucked through an in-wall piping system into a central receptacle in a garage or other vented work area.

When you are finished, simply unplug the hose from the wall and the system immediately shuts off. The hose can be coiled out of sight in a storage box or on a mounted wall hook. The receptacle holds far more debris than a conventional vacuum cleaner, and needs to be cleaned out less frequently.

Our central vacuum design team will help you choose prime locations for ports in each room or area. Then our experienced installation team puts tubing inside the walls. Depending on your home layout and design, this requires precise removal of a few squares of wall covering. We patch and clean all target areas with minimal mess and disruption.

Customers enjoy unparalleled convenience and aesthetics. Port covers flip open and shut, and are flush with walls. This high-tech built-in appliance adds to the appeal and value of your home. It is always in the top five most-coveted home features, according to real estate industry surveys.

This impressive system is a healthy choice because it removes vacuumed debris from the room immediately, eliminating almost 100 percent of dust and airborne particles from the air. If you suffer from allergies, your system may even be tax deductible with a doctor’s prescription.

It is also an energy-saving option because there is no motor inside your air-conditioned space generating heat, and unlike conventional models, it is biodegradable at the end of its life.

The system is cost-effective, lasting for more than 20 years with proper care. Its motor is far more powerful than a conventional model yet does not use significantly more electricity to operate.

Why choose our central vacuum installation? For more than 20 years, we have been making home life more efficient and convenient for Coloradans. We offer state of the art home automation, security and multimedia designs including built-in video and audio systems, home theaters, as well as energy-efficient lighting and temperature controls.

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