EV Charging Station Installation

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Looking for electric vehicle charging station installation services in Denver, Boulder or the Front Range? We can help!

Terracom provides professional EV charger installation services for residential and commercial properties. If you’re the proud new owner of an electric car, a landlord adding value to your single family or multifamily buildings, or a business owner improving the customer experience through the convenience of a car charging station in your parking lot, we can help.

Professional Home EV Charger Installation

Electric car owners understand the importance of charging an electric vehicle whenever possible. While car charging stations are becoming more and more common, it can still be difficult to find one when you need it. Plus, you never know how long you’ll be at one station before you need to leave. The convenience of having a professionally installed car charging station in your garage cannot be understated. Most people can charge their electric vehicle for an entire 12 hours with an in-home charging station when they get home from work and wake up to a fully charged car when they leave the next day.

EV Charging Stations for Commercial Properties

Provide the convenience of a car charging station to your customers and employees by installing an electric vehicle charging station in your parking lot.

  • Customers can see it as an incentive over your competition; they can charge their car while shopping.
  • Employees who drive electric cars see it as an added benefit and convenience.

It can be difficult to keep an electric vehicle charged throughout the day. Installing car charging stations adds an incentive for customers to choose you over the competition and it’s an added benefit for your employees who drive electric cars. It is also an added convenience to your employees by installing an electric vehicle charging station in your parking lot.

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