5 Top Questions About Custom Home Theater Systems Answered

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What is a home theater system all about? Comfort. Putting your sweatpants-and-hoodie-wearing self on the sofa with your coziest blanket and snacks to enjoy your favorite shows (or games for the gamers). Thanks to 2020, it’s one of the main pastimes now, so why not add some special features?

It’s about hitting as few buttons as possible before you can escape into other worlds, places, and stories. No dressing up to go to the cinema, no crowds queuing for a movie ticket. You’ve got it all right inside your home. Want one? Let’s discuss the basics.

How much does it cost to install a home theater system? (Not necessarily as much as you think)

Home theater systems and installation costs will depend on what equipment you currently have and what can be combined with new equipment. Other considerations include the layout of your room (available space), and the features you value most – sound, size, graphics, suitability for gaming, device types, quality, speed, brand, etc.

What do you need for a home theater system?

For starters, you would need a:

  • TV or projection system
  • Media Sources (Streaming Devices, Blu-Ray/DVD Players, etc.)
  • Additional Options (fabric walls, stadium seating, custom lighting, custom cabinetry, curtains, and other interior design options)
  • Fully integrated surround system and connection cables.

For sound, you want at least five speakers and a subwoofer for 5.1 surround sound.

Other components you may want to add include connection cables, speaker wires, and a DVD-recorder or VCR, or a DVD recorder/VCR combination. To keep things organized, you could also label each component and cable.

How do I install a home theater system at home? (To DIY or not to DIY)

How complex is the kind of system would you like? And how comfortable are you with technical setups? If you’re hesitating at the thought, you should rather have a professional do it because:

What if you buy a home theater system that doesn’t fit your space? You’re going to end up frustrated and wanting to renovate at least half your living room from putting more holes in the walls than necessary. Not ideal. Professionals will only need to hammer/drill once and get it right the first time.

What if you set about installing it but can’t figure out how to get the sound and the visual connected to watch your show? It’s going to ruin the fun.

If you just want to plug and play, professional installation is crucial for your sanity, the space you have available, your budget, and your choice of equipment.

Is a home theater system worth it?

Ever since 2020, the answer is a bigger yes than ever. You’re stuck in your home, your social life is limited, so why not enjoy show time a little more? Why not bring the cinema experience into your home where you can safely enjoy it together?

It’s an investment in a higher quality media experience, as well as quality time. In time, it will save you money on ridiculous ticket and popcorn prices, too. If you’re into gaming, you won’t regret it, although your partner might!

How does the home theater fit into my space?

Considering your space before installing a home theater system is crucial. You want to buy components that fit the space you have and make it look great. There’s nothing more irritating than getting a new gadget for your living room and discovering it doesn’t fit or looks awkward in your room.

Terracom’s home theater installation services include someone trained in design to determine the best layout for the space. The best layout for your space will help determine which system components can take it from okay to fantastic. A few design tricks can make a huge difference to your experience of the room and the system.

Terracom Systems can help you with a custom home theater system installation that gives you all the practical features you want and adds to the feel you want in your space.

With custom home theater installations, you can also include additional home automation features to add more luxury and convenience to your setup. Terracom Systems can give you control over multiple components at the touch of a single — yes, single — button! (Whatever gives your busy mind a break is worth it, right?)

Treat yourself to a home theater system – a luxury that lasts

Thanks to lockdowns, ordering take-out is now as common as eating sandwiches, but it doesn’t last, does it? Getting a custom home theater system installed is an investment that will carry you through many more days and evenings, and you’ll be able to share the fun of it with your family.

There’s something about excellent quality surround sound and a sharp, clear image that can immediately transport you far away from the troubles of your day-to-day. You could immerse yourself in nature documentaries with panoramic views or figure out how to dance along with your favorite musicals on the screen. Whatever you watch, or whatever the game you play on your system, you’re going to have a blast.

If you’re based in or around Denver or Boulder, Colorado, and looking for home theater installation services, give us a call on 303-666-9700 for a quote. Terracom is a certified Control4 dealer, serving you with technology, convenience, and style.