Home Automation for Back to School

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Home Automation for Back to SchoolSummer is coming to an end and all those slow summer mornings will turn into early school  mornings. With school starting, now’s the time to figure out how your home automation system can help you get back into those early morning routines. Take the stress of trying to get the kids out the door and off to school while simultaneously getting yourself ready for work by creatively using your home automation system.

Turn your home automation into an alarm clock

Don’t be the bedtime and wake-up police. Let your home automation system do that for you. When it’s bedtime, dim the lights, set the TV to turn off and maybe even turn on some calming music. Program smart shades or blinds in conjunction with everything else to really get the kids ready for bed. And when it’s time to get up in the morning, have the lights and music gently turn on for a calming wake-up. These suggestions don’t have to just be for the kids. This programming also works to get you ready for bed or the work day.

Secure your home at a push of a button

Once you have everyone up and ready to go, don’t let the rush out the door make you to forget to turn off the lights or set the alarm system. With either your mobile device, voice control or push of a button, your home automation can make sure that your home is secured for the day while you’re at work and the kids are at school. Adjust the thermostat and turn off the lights at the same time when you walk out the door so that energy isn’t being wasted, which ultimately results in some savings back in your pocket.

Smart security keeps an eye on your home

If you’re a working parent or simply can’t be home, your home automation can send receive push notifications for when the kids are home. Some systems allow you to unlock the door for them and lock it behind them. Video monitoring, either from a smart doorbell or outside security system, provides peace of mind to see who’s coming and going. Then you won’t have to worry about the kids answering the door for unwanted visitors. And you’ll know that your kids are safe at home.

Use your home automation system to your advantage when getting back into the swing of the school schedule. It’s hard enough to remember to pack lunches, homework and school projects in the morning, let alone get yourself ready for the work day. Be smart with your smart home and alleviate some of the rush and stress that those early morning school days bring, so that you’re not running to beat that morning school bell.