Universal (Remote) Control for Specific Experiences


Universal Remote Blog ImageDo you remember when you had a remote for the TV, a remote for the DVD player, a remote for the speakers and a remote for who-knows-what-else? These days, a universal remote is just that — universal. It can control multiple devices from a single source. While there are simple universal remotes that cover just the basics, there are other advanced remotes that work in conjunction with home automation.

Universal remotes do a number of functions and they range in ability as well. Some remotes work well with home theater set ups – controlling lighting, the projector, sound and playing the media content. Others are better suited for a smart home design which can control many more functions like lighting, temperature, A/V, and other smart tech in the home. With Control4’s acquisition of NEEO, a better universal remote for home automation is not far behind.

Gone are the days of searching for the right remote or switching between two to three to get your movie playing. Universal remotes can be programmed to accomplish a number of tasks to make life more comfortable.