Can a Smart Home Lure a Smart Buyer?


Can a Smart Home Lure Smart Buyers?

Spring has sprung and the real estate market is waking up from its winter lull. House selling and hunting will start to pick up. That means getting your home ready for its next homeowner. We all know that upgrades to a home increase the value of a home and help it sell faster on the market. But what does technology, specifically smart technology, add to your home value? 

While, the logical answer might be that any upgrades to a home should increase the appeal of your home, some real estate agents believe that home automation upgrades won’t necessarily increase the amount of money you get for your home. Home appraisers don’t take these items into consideration when valuing your home. They look at the number of bedrooms, location and other physical characteristics of a home. In other words, features that are not permanently fixed to the house are not considered in the valuation of a home. 

Don’t be discouraged. Smart technology in your home can help you sell your home. Since not all homes come standard with smart technology, whatever you do have in your house can make it stand out among buyers. After the tenth or twelfth house, yours with the smart doorbell or smart thermostat may be remembered among all the others that start to blend together. So it may not directly add money in your pocket, but it can help your home sell faster. And it also helps real estate agents market it to their buyers. 

Whether you’ve poured a little or a lot into your smart home, the payoff is that it can be more memorable in the sea of homes for sale. And if your goal is to sell your home, it definitely is a selling point among buyers.