From Radio Waves to Digital Waves

residential, smart home

State of the Home AudioPlaying music in your home has come a long way. Back in the day, people had to tune in to their favorite stations on the radio to listen to the news or hear their favorite artists. Then records, tapes and CDs allowed your favorite music to instantaneously fill your home. The addition of speakers let the music reach all corners, but not without distortion, fading or some fancy wiring to multiple speakers. And now in the new era of digital music, audio can be heard everywhere and even be controlled remotely. An audio distribution system lets the homeowner control audio to multiple rooms throughout the whole house with one simple set up.

Audio and video distribution go hand in hand. With a centralized control panel and one remote, movies and television shows can easily be started in one room and finished in another. Or set the kids up with a family friendly movie in one room while you send your favorite action movie to another. The system can store all of your digital media on one server so that it is accessible anywhere in the house.

Gone are the days of having separate systems for each room that aren’t able to “talk” to each other. With an audio and video distribution center, media is now easily streamlined in the house. Music and sound can flow from one room to another, movies and shows can be accessed from any part of the house, and all of your media is stored in one central location, eliminating excess boxes and cords around the house. So go ahead and save those boomboxes for your next costume party and leave the music playing to your distribution center.