Product Insights: Optoma HD 142X Projector


Optoma HD 142XThe Optoma HD 142X projector is the perfect option for consumers who want a great picture but don’t want to break the bank. We compared four tech reports which reviewed home theater  projectors and the Optoma was listed top in three of the four reports. Here’s why: Many of the tech resources state that at this price level it is the best option before having to dish out a whole lot more money for improved picture.

Picture Display

The 3000 lumens is the perfect amount so that the picture on your screen displays well at all times of the day. And with a handful of settings like Cinema and Bright mode, you’ll have no trouble catching all the details on screen. However, CNet did note that picture quality was much better with the higher-end projectors.

The 1080p imaging easily filled up testers’ screens without sacrificing picture quality. Testers noted that the image remained sharp and clear without any pixelation. The 1080p offers only full HD resolution and not 4k resolution. But even though most TVs already have this built in, only the most expensive projectors include it.

The big draw to this projector is the much-touted 8000 hour lamp life. TechRadar’s review said that 8000 hours was “about a decade if you watch a two-hour movie every day.” So this projector should last quite a while should nothing else go wrong with it.


  • USB port is only for power, it won’t work if you want to view photos or videos from another source.
  • Mono speakers don’t provide quality sound, but that can be easily remedied with headphones or other amplified sound systems.
  • It is 3D capable, but doesn’t come with a set of 3D glasses.

Overall, this projector is one that reviewers deemed worthy of purchasing. While it may not have the flair and other qualities of a much more expensive projector, the Optoma 142X, as a whole, is one that will work for everyday movies or pulling out for big games. Right from the beginning, it displays a great picture with very little, if any tinkering. The 3000 lumens and 1080p picture show that this projector can emulate its higher-end competitors but at a fraction of the price.


Credits: CNET, TechRadar, Digital Trends, PC Magazine