3 Personalities for Your Home Theater

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Three Personalities for Your Home TheaterWhen thinking about designing your home theater system, people assume you’ll be mainly watching movies or TV shows. But did you ever consider that a home theater could be designed for other media experiences as well? Other than designing the space for movies, it could also be set up for the sports fan to watch all the big sporting events or for the gamer who likes to play video games. In every set up, each user gets the ultimate experience by having comfortable seating, specific lighting and of course, the big screen. Here are some design and automation tips for each of these set ups to enhance the experience even more.

The Red Carpet Room

This room is designed to showcase a big blockbuster movie (or maybe the little indie flick). So what do you need to make it feel like a luxurious theater room?

  • Stadium seating
  • An automated curtain to rise and fall when the movie begins
  • Accent lighting on the walls to mimic a movie theater
  • Lights can also be automated when movies begin or are stopped
  • Movie posters lining the walls
  • And a red carpet

All this can be controlled from one universal remote, making your movie experience even more seamless.

The Gamer

If you’ve ever met a serious gamer, they may already have a large (and separate) television for their video games and even a gamer’s chair. A home theater set up could easily be converted into a room fit for the ultimate video game player. Here’s what you would need:

  • Video game controller docking stations at each seat
  • Lighting that can coincide with whatever game’s being playing
  • Wide armrests and reclining seats
  • Multiple screens

Some automation tips include:

  • Seamless connection to the internet for online gaming
  • Lighting to come on when the game is paused or stopped
  • Programming the audio to switch between music and game audio

The Sports Fan

A  home theater space can be the quintessential set up for a sports fan. Large screens and a few simple design pieces can make the viewer feel like they’re right there at the game (or perhaps even in it):

  • Include lots of counter/table top space for beverages and snacks
  • Emulate a sports bar with multiple screens and bar stools
  • Plenty of sports memorabilia and decor of your favorite sports team

For some added automation:

  • Have the lights flicker at a press of a button when your team scores
  • Multiple games playing on multiple screens
  • Allow access to your media library for those not so die-hard fans to watch something else

Whether you’re watching movies, playing a video game or cheering for your favorite sports team, a home theater accommodates any of these set ups. Whatever your preference, the core of the home theater — a large screen, adjustable lighting, great sound and comfortable seating — can provide hours of entertainment. So climb into your comfy chair, set the lights and audio and get ready to be the last player standing, be transported to another era or cheer on your team in the big game.