The Magic of the Holidays is Brighter with Smart Lights


What’s the holiday season without all the holiday lights on the streets, on the houses and everywhere you look? While outside holiday lights can be connected to your smart home for some festive displays, indoor smart lighting can also add to the atmosphere and mood of the holidays. Not to mention that it can play a huge part in your security system when you’re away.

Smart lighting can be as simple as turning on and off when you’ve entered or exited a room and as sophisticated as preprogrammed mood lighting for a party. Through home automation, lighting can have multiple presets for certain situations. Subtly dim the lights when you’re turning on a holiday movie or adjust the lighting to warmly fill your house when you’re having a white elephant exchange party.

One of the best benefits of integrating your smart lights with your home automation system is the added security to your home while you’re traveling. Lights can be programmed to look like you’re home or even flash if your security system has been set off. Having the lights on is a huge deterrent to any unauthorized people trying to enter your property.

No matter how you use smart lighting in your home, these energy efficient lights can also save you money in the long run. They are good for the environment and also easier on your wallet. Which comes in handy when finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones this season.

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