All Is Calm, All Is Bright… With a Professional TV Installation


Did you find a good deal on a TV this black Friday? Or are you planning on gifting your significant other with the latest 4K HD TV? Nowadays TVs are usually mounted to a wall, saving floor space. But mounting a TV to a wall is no easy feat. Save the headache, and potentially multiple holes in the wall, by having a professional TV installer do it for you. Our skilled  technicians can work with you to plan for the perfect spot for your new TV. Before they drill any holes into the wall, they take into consideration the layout of the room and where the TV should be installed for optimal viewing.

If you’re not already set up for a wireless install, our techs can expertly conceal all those cables and cords for a sleek looking set up. Alternatively, they can integrate with your home automation center so your smart lighting works in conjunction with your viewing experience. Our Gold Certification by Control4 means we have the experience and knowledge to efficiently set up and connect all of your smart tech – TV included.

So “fire up” that digital yule log on your brand new TV, turn on your favorite holiday music and enjoy the holidays with your newly mounted flat screen TV by Terracom Systems.