Save Money, the Environment and Your Yard with a Smart Sprinkler System

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Now that spring is in full swing, people are doing what they can to make their yards look their best. At the heart of every healthy yard is an irrigation system that feeds all the grass and plant life the water they need to flourish. Anyone who has found success in maintaining a beautiful yard knows the right amount of water is an essential key to that success.

A smart sprinkler system or more specifically a smart sprinkler controller might just be the right key to not only maintaining a beautiful yard, but also saving money and the environment. The sprinkler controller is the device that actually starts and stops the flow of water. Now days, sprinkler systems can be programed to run on certain days, times and for preset amounts of time. Smart sprinklers take it a step further by connecting your sprinkler system to the internet.

Connecting your sprinkler system to the internet does two big things. First, you gain control of your irrigation system from anywhere on the planet with an internet connection. Second, your sprinkler system can be programed to react to weather conditions so your sprinklers don’t run when its raining or run more when it’s hot.

It’s this new intelligence that smart sprinkler systems bring to the table that helps save you money and the environment. Your irrigation system no longer wastes money or precious water by running the water when it doesn’t need to run. If you’re the type of person that’s more hands on with your lawn maintenance, you now have the power to manage the irrigation system through your smart phone.