Installing Your TV is Not As Easy As You Think

Custom Home Entertainment

Part of creating the ideal custom home theater is the placement and installation of the television. It’s the centerpiece of the room and the reason why people have gathered together in that space. It seems like an easy task — installing and mounting a TV. But consider all the measurements that are taken and potentially all the holes that could wind up on the wall if any of those calculations are off. Then there’s the other hurdle of concealing the wires hanging out of the TV. A professional TV installer knows the best spot and the best way to mount that HD TV.

Not only is installing the TV an important part of an entertainment system, but if placement of the TV is not perfect, then the viewing becomes less than ideal. No one wants glare or a bunch of bad viewing spots. Terracom’s professional experts consider the space that the TV will be in and where the best spot for viewing will be. Yes, it may be on the wall, but which wall or how far from the ceiling and floor should it be? Terracom’s experienced team takes the size of the television and size and flow of the room to determine the best spot. That way everyone has a great spot to see the movie or big game.

Hanging a TV in your home seems like an easy task. But with so many things to consider, it can quickly become a bigger project than you think. Leave all the measuring, layout planning and headaches to a professional. They’ll mount your new or old TV to the wall with as few holes as possible.