CU Verses CSU – Is Your Home Entertainment System Ready?

Custom Home Entertainment

The heated rivalry between Colorado University (CU) and Colorado State University (CSU) is about to unfold on August 31st at Sports Authority Field. It’s certainly an exciting way to open up the college football season for both teams. For those of you fortunate enough to see the game live from the stands, congratulations! For everyone else, is your home entertainment system ready for game day and the rest of the college season?

There are numerous ways to whip your living room into game-watching shape. For some people, all you need are a few minor upgrades to your existing audio video setup. While others may need a complete, top-to-bottom remodel of their entertainment room. Maybe it’s finally time to have your TV professionally mounted to the wall. Maybe it’s time to install that custom home theater you’ve always wanted.

Whatever home entertainment solution you’re looking for, Terracom is there, proudly serving Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and numerous other communites along the Front Range.

Here is a list of the most common pre-season home entertainment services we provide.

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